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Social & Health Care

Most people even in their 80s or older, live active busy independent lives. Many things may have changed since they reached retirement age or as family roles and relationships shift. For many people, there is more time for leisure and travel in later life. Most discover new places, new skills and new friends. Income patterns and sources change but so do responsibilities and priorities. For most of us, there are gains and only minor losses as we approach later life: we may have more time and fewer obligations. Energies may be scarcer but can go further as we focus on the things and people we value. There are choices and, though roles change, this can often afford more relaxing or rewarding options than the ones that arose earlier in the worlds of work or parenting.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Significant minorities experience illness, both acute and passing or life-threatening as well as chronic or life-restricting. Others encounter social or economic difficulties or face hard knocks. Some of these need medical interventions or social help.

Far-sight's research team has long experience in this field. Whether it's evaluation of existing services or exploring new ones, we know how to assess health or social care services from a consumer perspective. Sometimes the consumer is a patient or client. At other times, it may be a professional or advocate or a friend or relative. We are good at examining a service or an idea from all these angles. This helps health or social care providers of all kinds to enhance the quality and effectiveness of what they offer. It may enable a new provider to promote its services or highlight ways in which an established provider has or can improve and change its offerings.

We are ready to sit down to discuss the ways we can help and support you as you manage and develop your services, be they domiciliary, residential, advisory or clinic-based. We work with professionals and managers as well as consumer and voluntary organizations, in public service, commercial settings or not-for-profit bodies. Please contact us for a preliminary review. Initial consultations and quotes are always free!

Janice Stephens manages our social care programme.

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