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New Senior Markets, Products & Services

development of opportunities for pleasure, leisure & autonomy

Far-sight RESEARCH is particularly well-known for its involvement in exploring the potential for new and enhanced products and approaches designed to meet evolving demands from people aged 50+.

  • New & renewed relationships: partners, dating & personal encounters
  • Homes abroad, 2nd homes, condos & sharing
  • Travel, Leisure & pleasure: multiple short-haul holidays & sunshine winters away
  • Media, TV, books, internet, lifetime learning
  • Investment, savings & financial services
  • Sports, pleasure pursuits & special interests
  • Complementary health, food & life-enhancement
  • Breaking free: new time, new approaches, escaping old trammels, routines & habits
  • Self-discovery

We specialize in exploring the characteristics sought and valued by consumers for your product or services in these and other emerging markets.

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