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Whatever the topic, we offer
high quality, conscientious, imaginative consumer research....

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Introduction to Far-sight RESEARCH:

Specializing in….
good, conscientious, imaginative consumer research, whatever the topic.

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Contact Information

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Web addresses

Office phones:
UK: +44 (0)207-193-8234
USA: +1 (516) 874-3696
France: +33 (1) 870-44-71-95

Fax: +44 (0)7970-885548

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Older People

For more information on our specialist research skills and experience exploring the views & priorities of older and mature consumers, please go to the web-page on older people.

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Migrants & Migration

We focus on this important issue for social & economic policy. Migrants offer benefits to the "host" society as well as to their dependants who often remain elsewhere, at least initially.  Some bring unique skills. Even for those who do not, it tends to be entrepreneurial (or desperate) people who seek to migrate yet they are often ready to work at anything for longer hours and lower incomes than established local workers. Social costs may not follow them for a generation - though their arrival may depress the incomes of earlier migrants - but there are complex issues of resentment and cultural/linguistic understanding.

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Communication & Information

We specialize in a few particular industries and markets and are especially interested in the demand among different groups of consumers for effective communication and information services that are appropriate to them and their priorities.

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Rural Life

Rural consumers often are not well understood. Like older people, they are not a single homogeneous group and we specialize in asking them what they want and think and in identifying and exploring sub-groups among them that have things in common that may make them a useful target audience.

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Travel, Leisure, Music, Arts & Tourism

Another specialist area for Far-sight RESEARCH, especially (but not exclusively) focussed on the use made of these opportunities and services by older people. One of our special interests is to see what factors might enhance the attraction of classical music (performances, festivals or recordings, on their own or in combination with other kinds of gig or types of music or entertainment) to YOUNGER AUDIENCES and participants.

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Social or Health Care

Go to our web-page on social & health care, which introduces you to ways Far-sight can help you get a consumer perspective on your service or new idea for care of older people or other people with disabilities.

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New & Developing "senior" Markets & Products

A huge variety of products and services are constantly being devised. Some will fail and reflect the naivete of their promoters. Others respond to appropriately to consumer demand. Many are developed and managed by people who have retired from one type of work only to find a new opening or to discover the mismatch between what they seek in their 60s and 70s and what providers think they would go for. It just shows how consumer research among mature consumers can help providers and marketers get things right from the outset - and avoid expensive mistakes.

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Market Research Society & ESOMAR International Codes

We adhere to these codes and guidelines

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Our team of PEOPLE:

Initial contact is usually: Jonathan Barker or Sarah Betts.

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Our team:  Biographical & Contact Information

Carol Saunders Retirement, Housing & Senior Markets
               Janice Stephens: Health & Social Care
       Jonathan Barker Research Director

Sarah Betts Client Accounts and contacts

Finance & AdminSimon Tarrant & Susan Kelley
Tina CunninghamRural issues,  Tilda Smith, Tourism & Leisure
Trish Saunders (& Veronica Hughes-Johnson)
Focus Group criteria & selection & Data Analysis & Research Reports
Tania BakecAdmin Support, Travel, Leisure, Music, Arts & Tourism

Notes on the background and experience of key members of our team are available if you e-mail for information

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 Frequently-asked Questions

go to "ASK SARAH...", the FAQs page for some common questions and answers or contact us by e-mail.

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